Mo Sign

Mo Skett

Artist, Teacher and Shamanic Healer


Mo in Peru

Mo lives with her husband David and their wonderful dog Suzy in the beautiful small Southern Darling Downs town of Allora, situated between Toowoomba and Warwick in South East Queensland. Their house is less than 100 metres from the surrounding rich black soils and farming land, but is within easy reach of the National Parks situated on the Great Dividing Range.
Born and educated in England, she lived and worked in Nigeria and Pakistan and has travelled to many other countries in the world. Now an Australian, always keen to travel and find out what is around the next corner or over the next hill – she knows her adopted country well. Mo especially loves the desert and has, since childhood, maintained a close affinity to the natural environment.
She strives to portray in her art a love of nature’s beauty, with colour and life; to uplift the viewer. Belief in love for ALL forms of life on this planet is the only way for happiness in oneself. She tries to capture the spirit which connects us all to the one great Spirit.

Mo is a practising shamanic healer in energy medicine and luminous healing. She visited Peru in 2009 where she spent time with the Q’ero Shamans both in the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca areas – organised by the Four Winds Society. She has also attended a retreat in Byron Bay (N.S.W.) with Don Basilio. Mo plans to include more spiritual energies into her artistic work.

Please wander through my gallery and see some of my work and my achievements. My collection is not limited to images displayed on this website. Should you like further information regarding particular works, price, or on a particular subject or medium please email me.


Updated 18th October 2015