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Mo Skett

Artist, Teacher and Shamanic Healer


The Four Directions, Inti Tai Tai and Mamma Killya
The Four Directions, Inti Tai Tai and Mamma Killya


We all have imprints in our Luminous Energy Field, caused by injury and negative emotions from both past and present lives; sometimes from early childhood; memories of which have since been long forgotten. These imprints can be the cause of sickness, fears and depression and by having a shamanic healing by an experienced energy medicine practitioner and wisdom keeper, it is possible to change your life, and become all that you wish to be.

The Healing of the Light Body (luminous energy field) brings balance to the Body, to the soul, and to the earth. Healings can clear the imprints of karma and disease, both emotional and physical. These can be cleared before they manifest in the body as disease; Release toxic energies from the luminous energy field; Heal an original wounding that derailed one’s destiny and can heal the past and influence the future.

The Munay-Ki are nine Rites of Initiation direct from the Laika Shamans of Peru.

Growing the seeds given to you by Spirit will help you become a person of wisdom and power and to become the new Homo Luminous – an Earthkeeper, post 2012, able to create a world of love, peace, gratitude, forgiveness and harmony.

Mo trained as a shamanic healer with the Four Winds Light Body School and is a qualified practitioner in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine and able to give the Munay-Ki Rites.

Mo runs teaching programmes - “ Earth Medicine – how you can heal yourself”, which is based on South American wisdom and teachings, mainly from the Q’ero (indigenous Peruvian Shamans), as well she conducts fire ceremonies (mainly at full moons) and gives the Munay-Ki Rites. For further information contact Mo via email.

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